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Phenolic resin molding material
Updated: 2013/7/16 11:55:13  Click: 22748 times
Phenolic resin molding material
Product Name: phenolic resin molding material
Product Description:
AL-type phenolic resin molding material Description
This product is a phenolic resin binder, adding additives reinforced materials, curing agent mixture. This product has high mechanical strength, good insulation, moisture-proof anti-corrosion, high temperature, suitable for high-speed motor commutator and suppress demanding, complex shape of the mechanical and electrical components. Our products fully meet the performance level of similar foreign products.
Uncured solid granular (powder), no visible impurities density of between 1.7 to 2.0 g/cm3.

Easier to absorb moisture, the moisture will lead to a decline in the electrical properties and mechanical properties of the finished product, and affect the stability of Appearance. It is recommended that the storage and transportation process should pay attention to moisture and stored in a cool, dry environment more appropriate.